For all your French Matters

Private Tuition

Typically 1hr long lessons include:

Help with homework, lessons revisions

GCSE / A Level exam preparation

Reading/writing skills, simple conversation

Pre-exam confidence boost (much needed to calm those nerves!...)

From Julie S. (Bournemouth, Sept 2009)

Hi Alain,
I have been meaning to email you to say thank you so much for the help you gave my son Tom with his GCSE French. The few extra lessons gave him much more confidence with both his speaking and written work. I expect you have been wondering how he did in the exam and I'm very happy to tell you that he achieved a grade A!
Tom really liked you and enjoyed the lessons - and it was great for me that you came to us instead of me having to drop him off and pick up. We look forward to seeing you again in a couple of years when Tom's younger brother will no doubt benefit from your excellent tuition.
Thanks again, Julie.

From Hollie C. (pupil, New Milton, Sept 2009)

Bonjour alain,

i hope that you had a lovely summer!!!! i recieved your letter that you sent and the answer is yes i have got my results from my french exam that i took but i couldn't have done it without the help and confidence that you gave me! just to inform you that i got a grade B over all but as well as that my school teacher told us the individual marks that we all got and i did better than i had expected in my speaking and you allowed me to do this! i managed to get B's and A's in the individual sections giving me my very surprising B!!!!!!!!

Thank you once again for your time and helping me out with my french, you were a great help!

Hollie x

From Maddie P. (pupil, Bournemouth, Aug 2012)

Hi Alain,
Maddie here :)
Just emailing to tell you about my french results...
I got an A! In my listening I got a B as it was really hard and in my reading paper I got an A, so overall it was an A! The family and I are delighted and looking forward to starting A-level French!
Regards, Maddie x